Djordje Petrovic

  • Dispatcher
  • Telefon: +381611653305

  • Jurija Gagarina 47, 17510
  • Member Since, 23/08/2023

About Djordje Petrovic

  • Nivo Obrazovanja Srednja Škola
  • Godine 18 - 22 Godina
  • Pol Muško
  • Sektor Dispatch

About me

I am an enthusiastic and skilled truck dispatcher, well-versed in dispatch operations and equipped with a comprehensive training background. My dynamic knowledge and capabilities in logistics management are a valuable asset to any dispatching team. Here’s what I bring to the table:


  • Dispatcher Training Course (March 2023)

Key Skills:

  • Dispatch Operations
  • Route Optimization
  • Load Coordination
  • Documentation Handling
  • Effective Communication with Drivers and Brokers
  • Driver Tracking
  • Time Management
  • Basic Scheduling
  • Geographical Knowledge
  • Cargo Securing Techniques
  • Multilingual Proficiency:

Training Highlights:

  • In-depth understanding of time zones and geographical considerations for efficient route planning.
  • Familiarity with various driver types and their work hours, ensuring optimal load distribution.
  • Proficiency in handling different truck and trailer varieties to suit cargo requirements.
  • Skilled in overseeing loading, unloading procedures, including door and ramp management.
  • Strong grasp of cargo securing techniques, ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • Thorough knowledge of documentation, including Carrier Packet, W9, MC Authority, COI, Rate Confirmation, BOL POD.
  • Experience with broker billing, Lumper, Layover processes, and usage of power DAT for load searching.
  • Practical exposure to real-world load interactions, fostering effective communication with drivers and brokers.
  • Ability to manage driver tracking, route optimization, and basic scheduling to enhance logistical efficiency.


  • English
  • Serbian
  • Italian


  • Liceo artistico 2018 - 2023

    Liceo artistico San sepolcro, Italy

    I am a proud graduate of Liceo Artistico, a renowned artistic high school located in Italy. My time at Liceo Artistico has been instrumental in shaping my creative perspective and fostering my passion for the arts. Throughout my education, I delved into a wide array of artistic disciplines, including visual arts, design, and various mediums of expression. The diverse curriculum provided me with a deep understanding of art history, techniques, and the power of visual communication.

Expertise / Personal abilities

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