Aleksandra Luković

  • Despatcher
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  • Miljakovac, Beograd, 11000
  • Member Since, 10/01/2024

About Aleksandra Luković

  • Nivo Obrazovanja Osnovne Studije
  • Godine 23 - 27 Godina
  • Pol Žensko
  • Sektor Dispatch

About me

I am an dedicated and accomplished Truck Dispatcher with a proven track record of efficiently managing transportation operations to ensure timely and efficient deliveries of goods. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach to problem-solving, I have successfully managed dispatching duties, coordinated with drivers, and ensured adherence to regulatory standards.

My proficiency in utilizing transportation management software and GPS systems, combined with excellent communication skills, allows me to maintain real-time tracking of shipments and promptly address any issues during transit. I am adept at creating and implementing cost-effective routing strategies to minimize fuel consumption and reduce overall transportation costs.

Having a strong foundation in business administration, I bring a strategic mindset to the role, always seeking ways to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With a Transportation Dispatcher Certification, I am well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of logistics and contribute to the success of any transportation team.

I am confident that my skills in communication, organization, and problem-solving make me a valuable asset as a Truck Dispatcher. Ready to take on challenges and contribute to the smooth and effective movement of goods, I am eager to bring my expertise to a dynamic organization.


  • University of Belgrade 2017 - 2021

    Faculty of sociology

    As a Bachelor of Sociology, I possess a comprehensive understanding of societal structures, human behavior, and the intricate interplay between individuals and the communities they inhabit. My academic journey has equipped me with a diverse skill set and a nuanced perspective on the social dynamics that shape our world. Furthermore, my interpersonal and communication skills have been refined through collaborative projects, group discussions, and presentations. I am adept at navigating diverse perspectives, fostering inclusivity, and articulating complex sociological concepts to varied audiences.

  • Kings of despatch 2022 - 2023

    Dispatching Course

    As a graduate of the Truck Dispatcher course, I have acquired a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge essential for effective and efficient transportation operations. The course has equipped me with a solid foundation in key areas, enabling me to excel in the role of a Truck Dispatcher. I have gained expertise in optimizing truck routes to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective transportation. This includes utilizing advanced routing software, considering factors like traffic patterns, fuel efficiency, and delivery schedules. A deep understanding of Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and compliance standards has been ingrained in my training. I am well-versed in ensuring that all dispatch activities align with legal requirements, contributing to a safe and lawful transportation environment. I have developed strong problem-solving skills to handle unforeseen challenges that may arise during transportation. This includes the ability to make quick decisions, adapt to changes, and find practical solutions to ensure the smooth flow of operations. I have acquired strong time management skills to coordinate and schedule deliveries efficiently. This includes prioritizing tasks, managing driver schedules, and optimizing delivery timelines to meet customer expectations. *Skills I have obtained: - Excellent communication skills in English, both spoken and written - Strong organizational and multitasking abilities - Proficient in using dispatching software and GPS tracking systems - Detail-oriented with a strong attention to accuracy and efficiency - Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment


  • Just in time sistems2023 - Present


    – Coordinated the dispatching of a fleet of trucks, ensuring optimal routes and schedules for timely deliveries. – Communicated with drivers to provide instructions, updates, and address any issues or concerns during transit. – Monitored and tracked shipments using GPS systems and maintained accurate records of all transportation activities. – Collaborated with warehouse staff to ensure efficient loading and unloading of goods. – Handled customer inquiries, provided updates on shipment status, and resolved issues promptly to maintain customer satisfaction. – Managed driver schedules, breaks, and rest periods to comply with regulatory requirements. – Implemented cost-effective routing strategies to minimize fuel consumption and reduce transportation costs.

  • Mc'Donalds2019 - 2023

    Restourant Menager

    – Oversee daily operations of a high-volume McDonald’s franchise, managing a team of 30 employees. – Implement strategies to enhance customer service and drive sales growth, achieving a 15% increase in customer satisfaction and a 10% increase in sales over a two-year period. – Maintain rigorous standards of food quality, safety, and cleanliness, consistently scoring above 90% on corporate audits.– Develop and manage employee schedules, payroll, and performance evaluations, reducing labor costs by 5% while maintaining operational efficiency. – Conduct comprehensive training sessions for new hires and ongoing development for existing staff, leading to improved team performance and employee retention. – Foster a team-oriented environment, resolving conflicts and encouraging collaboration to ensure a positive work environment and high staff morale. – Spearhead local marketing initiatives, partnering with schools and local businesses to promote the McDonald’s brand and menu offerings. – Managed operations and staff training for a McDonald’s franchise. – Contributed to a 20% reduction in staff turnover through targeted morale-boosting activities and clearer communication of expectations. – Managed inventory and supply ordering, optimizing stock levels and reducing waste by 10%. – Helped execute promotional campaigns to attract new customers, increasing repeat business by 25%. – Coordinated with the restaurant manager to schedule staff, ensuring all shifts were adequately covered during peak hours. Skills I obtained: – Team Leadership & Training – Sales & Marketing Initiatives – Inventory Management – Customer Service Excellence – Conflict Resolution – Financial Reporting & Budgeting – Employee Scheduling – Health & Safety Regulations – Staff Recruitment & Retention

Expertise / Personal abilities

of 100
Consumer Sociology
of 100
Psychology of the masses



Honors & awards

  • 2021

    Top seller

    I got this award for my extraordinary performance

  • 2022

    Manager of the year

    This reward recognizes a manager who has shown outstanding skills in areas such as staff management, customer service, financial management, problem-solving, and achieving operational goals.